BSD Certification Survey

Jeremy C. Reed, of BSDNewsletter fame, sent along news of the first survey from the BSD Certification Group. The survey is to “determine what kinds of tasks are performed by BSD system administrators in their day-to-day duties. Also of interest is the importance of each of these tasks as well as the level of skill required for each.” Read the announcement, and then take the survey.

Also, seen on, there is a ZDNet interview with Dru Lavigne, one of the folks working in the BSD Certification Group, and also a BSD author.

One Reply to “BSD Certification Survey”

  1. anonymous coward says:

    Umm .. About the survey, good and all, but 12 pages full of questions, browsing through it would take me an hour just to fill that out =)

    Surveys are good when they are small enough to be done quickly yet big enough to provide useful information.

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