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  1. Please note that the nvidia-settings application will only work if you have a 61xx driver at least. So, although you are free to build/test the nvidia-settings application, you’re not getting much use out of it until nvidia releases the new driver (and I release my dfport), which will be pretty soon.

  2. Although Emiel Kollof is doing a fantastic job of keeping the nVidia drivers working on DragonFly, I can’t help but think that it might be time better spent working on the generic “nv” driver that is a part of both “Ex-Free86,” and X.org, as we’d not have to worry about the next binary only module that nVidia releases fof FreeBSD not working right away on DF.

  3. “nv” is and will always be a 2D only driver. Therefore the need for the binary driver won’t vanish.

  4. Joerg, is that just because of a lack of documentation, or am I missing something basic here (which would hardly be a shocking occurence, I admit ;^)

  5. I’ve nothing heard about a new nvidia driver for FreeBSD, that’s strange I’m not up2date ;-)

    Where/When can I get it? And I give it a try on DragonFly 1.0A and FreeBSD 5.2.1 !

  6. The newest NVIDIA driver is not out yet – Emiel is testing a prerelease version. It’ll be in dfports as soon as it’s released.

  7. Hmm, and are there any date notices about when the driver could be released, maybe late this year ? That would be great if it comes up with FreeBSD 5.3-Stable and Dragonfly 1.X ;-) !
    If I can test this prerelease too it would be great I’ll report as much bugs as I can, testing with my Gf3ti and GfFX!

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