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  1. There is not mention of what software is included with SilverOS. GNOME? KDE? OpenOffice? Seriously, there is not enough information on the site for me to decide wether or not I’d care to buy it for home or business use. Well, I probably will buy it for my own personal use, but seriously, they could give more details for interested business parties to go on.

    The available software on is pretty limited as well, and if that’s what they’re supplying with SilverOS, then well, ick. I’ve never been able to get a working DE from there on DragonFly, either GNOME *or* KDE. Hell, even *blackbox* is missing a single package it needs to work (and blackbox only has two packages!)!

    And of course, as luck would have it, DragonFly is sufficiently different now from FreeBSD, that anything bigger than blackbox doesn’t build, even with the dfports over-ride.

    Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to be a year or so until DragonFly is useful for real work. :-( I don’t mean to come across as overy negative, as I considder myself to be a big fan of this project. )

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