Matt Dillon takes a spill

Matt Dillon will be coding a little more slowly for the next while – he broke his right clavicle while riding his bike, so his typing speed has been reduced, temporarily.

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  1. PCN says:

    Well, even at half his normal speed, he’d be coding up a storm! But he has been making a lot of silly mistakes lately, and perhaps this will help to make him get back on track.

    This is not to say that he hasn’t been catching the mistakes he’s been making soon after the fact, but hey, even he is only human, and he’s been quite overworked with DragonFly latelty. He could probably stand to slow down, if just a little. He’ll still do great work!

  2. Mezz says:

    Can you list the mistakes? I am just curious what you are thinking, nothing more and nothing less. :-)

  3. PCN says:

    Just take a quick look through the forums. A few times of late he’s posted twice, the second time talking of correct something he’d overlooked in the first. I’m not trying to downplay his abilities, quite the contrary, I hold him in very high regard.

  4. by at says:

    Can we please not use the term “forums?” They’re “mailing lists.” You know, like real software developers use, and not some phpBB crap infested by idiot overclocker kids who don’t know what message threading is.

  5. PCN says:

    Hey! I *AM* an idiot overclocker kid you insensitive clod! And what is message threading again?! ;)

  6. Justin C. Sherrill says:

    I usually call them forums, because they are mailing lists and also newsgroups that mirror each other. Yeah, I know “forums” isn’t the best name, but I don’t have better.

    Incidentally, if you look at the actual commit rate, Matt’s rate of error is lower than most. It’s lower than mine, for instance, and I’m handling much simpler stuff.

  7. PCN says:

    I hope that no one takes my comments too seriously. You all do terrific work.

  8. Joe "Floid" Kanowitz says:

    Hm, am I going to be the only one to wish him a speedy and pain-free recovery?

    Get well soon, Matt!

  9. Jonas Trollvik says:

    nah, best of luck with the healing Matt!

    // Random newsgroup reader

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