Everything GCC3 is new again

Matt Dillon is doing what he did with binutils-214 – He’s bringing in a prerelease version of gcc 3.3.3 to replace the FreeBSD 5 specific version of gcc 3.2 currently used. This version of gcc (and binutils) are straight from the vendor, which should mean staying in sync with new releases will be much easier.

Note: using gcc3 may/will lead to breakage right now…

One Reply to “Everything GCC3 is new again”

  1. Lazarus says:

    I can’t wait until GCC2 is dropped.

    I only have an Athlon XP 1600+ and having to build two versions of GCC makes the build process go from 30 minutes to damned near an hour. As I have only 512 megs of memory, I can’t mount ‘/usr/obj/’ in a ramdisk to speed things up either.

    Truely painful.

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