Plans and other plans

As part of a discussion about internationalization, Matt Dillon mentioned he plans to finish IPC this weekend as it would be a useful implementation method. He also mentioned offhand that the first release of DragonFly could be in June/July.

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  1. What I am wondering is how many of the various projects will be finished for this first release. I would hope that if nothing else, the messaging stuff will be complete.

  2. To the author: why don’t you ever link to stuff in your posts?

    This is a great weblog for keeping track of DragonFlyBSD, so I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but the lack of links drives me nuts. How else am I supposed to find the post/thread where Matt mentioned this?

    I would have emailed you about this but I couldn’t find an email address.

  3. Because the content of this ongoing log is based on
    posts to the available mailing lists for DragonFly
    BSD, just subsribe to these lists (or their
    equivalent newsgroups) to follow the original

    There is – not yet – an archive web-based access to
    theses forums.

    * DragonFly – Forums:

  4. I’ll post my address on here – I hadn’t thought of that, since the people using this site and DragonFly was small enough people knew it was me. Guess that means the community is growing, which is good!

    I’m trying to get a mailing list archive set up on, which is difficult since Matt’s time is limited but he’s the one with administrative control.

    What do you folks like more about Gmane? I’m using hypermail to generate the current local archives, and it can be messed with…

  5. >> What do you folks like more about Gmane?

    – Search engine
    – Up to date
    – Didn’t miss any emails

    >> I’m using hypermail to generate the current local
    >> archives

    I like Mailman.

  6. Mailman would be the easiest complete solution, though I think Matt wants to keep using BestServ, which he wrote. I’ll get cooking on this.

  7. I didn’t know that the mailing list was running by BestServ. :-) It would be awsome if someone write something similar to Mailman for BestServer or port the Mailman to BestServ.

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