Rounding up

No major events, but a few small items over the weekend and U.S. holiday:

– Hiten Pandya suggested creating downloadable patchsets for unstable items like ACPI that come from other operating systems, so that people can try them without placing unstable code into the default Dragonfly setup.

– Lots and lots of talk about sysinstall; nothing was really resolved other than that language preferences polarize discussion. Matt Dillon pointed out he was more interested in figuring out RCNG integration, in any case.

– If you, like me, aren’t familiar with RCNG, Jeremy Messenger posted these links (all about the NetBSD version, but that’s close) for more info:
(Google cache if Daemonnews is unavailable.)

– Serial console support doesn’t seem to be working, though the settings should be the same as with FreeBSD-stable.

– I “announced” this web page, and nobody said anything bad. Yay!