Shell access for developers is now available for developers via SSH. Also, a number of folks have reported success running DragonFly BSD under VMWare, Bochs, and qemu (with modifications). Following is a list of the shell access requirements from Matt Dillon. (Quoted directly from Matt Dillon's post.)
Requirements for getting a shell account: * You must be at least somewhat active on the DragonFly mailing lists. * You do NOT need to be a committer. * EMail me an sshv2 ( DSA ) key and username. sshv1 is not enabled on this box. * Only request an account if you need one. If you already have access to powerful machines you do not need an account. * The machine is Rules: * Please do not set a password in your account or create ssh private keys in your account. Use your .ssh/authorized_keys file only. It is acceptable to use ssh -A from another box into this one in order to then be able to ssh out of this box to another (i.e. committers: use ssh -A so you can commit to from this box). * Note that "/FreeBSD" contains a read-only mostly up-to-date FreeBSD CVS and source tree, and "/cvs" contains a read-only NFS mount from the main cvs repository which you can run cvs -R ... on. * Lengthy automated builds should be restricted to the wee-hours of the morning (1:00am to 7:00am) pacific time. This is a fairly hefty machine and developers can do manually initiated buildworlds and such. Still, be nice to your fellow users and do not use make -j N. * Please do not use this machine for non-dragonfly related work unless otherwise given permission to by Matt Dillon. Obviously minor little things here and there are just fine. * Please do not abuse my limited bandwidth. NO SERVERS MAY BE RUN. NO IRC BOTS. NO BACKGROUND PROCESSES UNLESS AUTHORIZED. * BACKUP YOUR OWN DATA! This machine is not currently being backed up.