Lazy Reading for 2024/01/28

I have been on the road so it’s a short week.  The links are more cheery, though.


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  1. How would I go about running a benchmark of DragonflyBSD vs Linux & FreeBSD.

    I see most of the benchmarks are from 12-years ago

    I don’t mind doing the work to update these stats, I just need some guidance on how to run a proper benchmark (tools, commands to use, etc)

    Any guidance/help would be appreciated.

    Also, I have access to a brand new:

    * 96 physical-core (AMD EPYC GENOA 9654 zen 4)
    * 1 TB RAM
    * 8TB NVME

  2. Run pgbench like the article you linked says. I can’t help you past that.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for these posts. Lazy Reading is one of my favorite feeds from RSS (:

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