Lazy Reading for 2019/12/29

There’s several accidental themes fighting it out this week.

Your unrelated music link of the week: Cosey Fanni Tutti ?– Tutti.  Found via Ted Gioia’s Best 100 Albums of 2019, which was discovered via Conversations with Tyler.  There, now you definitely have enough to listen to until 2020.

One Reply to “Lazy Reading for 2019/12/29”

  1. Felix says:

    Good article about starting a blog. I wrote similar thoughts upon starting my current one in August 2018. But even people who have one still insist to kick up tweetstorms for some reason. And you’re right to worry about the future of your site. Going back to handcrafted HTML can he a long, arduous task, but it’s also liberating, and rewarding, for several reasons. (Shameless plug: I wrote about that, too.)

    I disagree however about the use of tools. I seriously doubt BashBlog will stop working before web browsers do, seeing how it only requires Bash and a POSIX userland. Or OddMuse, a single Perl script that only requires commonly preinstalled modules. The big static site generators, that require half of PyPI, or worse, npm? Yeah, those are a problem. Their output is still future-proof to a much bigger degree than any dynamic web app, and that matters.

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