Lazy Reading for 2013/02/17

This week I will both post this on the correct day AND get the date in the title correct.

Your unrelated tea link of the week: Epic Tea House Server.  Interesting just because of what he does and because I’ve never encountered tea from a samovar, though I’ve read of it.  (via)

Wait, this is better!  That previous link led to this film from an English chemistry professor about tea chemistry.  At first I was just entertained by his hair and his accent, but when he put tea in a NMR spectrometer, I decided this was the best tea thing ever.  Even better than Elemental!

3 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2013/02/17”

  1. Damn you for including the link to tea chemistry. I got lost for hours clicking links to remotely related videos off on the side.

    Did I say damn you? I think I really meant thanks! ;^)

  2. I can confirm that David Tilbrook made the equivalent comment (to the “regular expression problem” issue) about Awk; a few months back, I once observed on the “now you have two problems” comment about regular expressions, and he got confused in pretty much exactly the fashion that would be expected as he thought I was modifying his quote.

    Here’s the best reference I can find to Tilbrook’s quote:

    It does indeed seem to predate the other usages of “now you have two problems.”

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