Lazy Reading for 2011/12/04

Another week, another linkpile.

  • Here’s some old software.  I’ve got something older sitting on my shelf here, though.
  • A patch to DragonFly, taken from OpenBSD, submitted by Loganaden Velvindron and committed by Venkatesh Srinivas.  The patch isn’t that exciting, but it makes me feel cool to namedrop non-Americanized names.  If only I could pronounce them!
  • Speaking of which, there isn’t always a lot of comments on this Digest (which is good; a long series of comments on the Internet tend to be the result of trolling or inanity.), but the recent strlen() story led to some juicy details.
  • Man, I wish this NoteSlate device existed.  There’s the BoogieBoard, but it’s not quite the same.

I’ll make up for my relatively low number of links by asking a question:   Where do you go for your end of year gift giving?  Where do you wish people would go to buy you gifts?  I’m looking for suggestions for a gift guide.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Gun Show.  This one and that one are my favorites.

6 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2011/12/04”

  1. I personally find picking a present is one of the most complicated tasks to accomplish. It is not that you do not know the person good enough, it something different. There are two main scenarios: Firstly the blessed (<- might not be the right word here, but writing out "the person, which one will give a present to" is so long… maybe you have a suggestion) person wants something super ueber hyper expensive thing, or secondly he simply does not want anything.
    My solution to this problem usually is: For the first case just get together with some other people and together you buy him that expensive thing, or in second case: If he does not want anything, do not buy him anything. It is as simple as that. I mean: What is the point of giving a present, when it will not be used / thrown away anyways? (Besides polluting the planet of course.)
    If you really need to _have_ a present, something funny/random will do it, or something self made. Self made things can have a lot of emotional value.
    So, I know I am not the best writer on this earth, but I still hope this helps.

    PS: I know this is kinda off-topic, but do you know if the Atheros 9285 wlan card has proper drivers under DragonFly? The linux ath9k driver is crap, but the card works flawlessly under PC-BSD.

  2. I buy tea, damnit. Unless you live in Australia, a cuppa tea is always a great gift during a cold month.

  3. Regarding the strlen()-story; is there any work going on or will the C code stay?

  4. Hi,

    Wrt strlen — we should continue this discussion on list, rather than blog comments, but I have not been able to write an assembler version that is faster than the C version on both contemporary Intel and AMD CPUs, in particular the K8. I can outdo the C version pretty handily w/ the version posted in the comments on the original article, on Intel CPUs (Core2 and Nehalem, anyway), but that version is about the same speed as gcc’s take on the C version on K10 and is a ton slower on K8.

    I’ve not tried the NetBSD versions linked there; they might be a good idea, but I’m not 100% sure that they’re okay per the C standard. They should do better though, since they work dword at a time-rather than byte-at-a-time (when possible).

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