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  1. OMG when I read the following I almost fell off my chair!

    “# Fix numerous CAM/USB issues so we do not panic or crash if a USB mass storage device is pulled while still mounted. Make sure umount -f works on pulled devices. ”

    Could you be nice and help someon port the above fixes to FreeBSD?! The number of times I’ve seen someone experience disaster with USB storage is too high and can’t go higher! It can be someone giving a talk or presentation using OpenOffice on FreeBSD who has had to copy over their presentation to a FreeBSD laptop connected to a projector. While waiting for the copy to finish or the application to start up they preface their talk with: “FreeBSD is the most stable operating system known … let me just start up my presentation and then give back this USB key to my helpful friend ….. Errmm hmmm there appears to be a problem …” (audience laughter) Or it can be along the lines of: “let me make a quick tarball of /etc/ an /var/ on this crucial production server for emergency use only … you know along with the regular tape back ups. I’ll use my USB drive ….. Whaa??!?”

    On second thought – NOT porting this to FreeBSD

  2. On second thought – NOT porting this to FreeBSD ….

    is a distinct competitive advantage for DragonFly!!! Go DFly!!

  3. I just really didn’t (and still don’t) know how to really respond to the original poster o_O

  4. Actually the freebsd crashes to which the poster refers happen because of a filesystem disappearing – the fact that the filesystem is on a USB device is incidental though I suppose USB devices do come and go or plug and play more frequently than some others. Expect to see the same bug with eSATA devices etc.

    Solving the problem correctly is difficult and might take a really long time but some sort of hack (e.g. changing code so that it’s possible to mark some parts of ones filesystems as “volatile” or “disappearable” in /etc/fstab) that would prevent the kernel from panicking really is needed soon. I am freebsd user and dragonfly users being able to run umount -f on pulled devices makes me jealous :-)

  5. Excellent. The DF project shows that it’s alive and kicking.

    Two requests:

    1. I don’t understand why http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/mailarchive/commits/2007-08/msg00163.html isn’t MFC’ed to DragonFly_RELEASE_1_10, espcially as the other similiar MFC to pf_norm.c did include the second carry fix.

    2. The errata mentioned that Makefile in /usr has an error re: the update command. MFC’ing rev 1.3 of http://www.dragonflybsd.org/cvsweb/src/etc/Makefile.usr to fix this should be easy.

  6. Y.K. – mention these commits on kernel@ – it’s possible these were just missed. Or just link to what you wrote here.

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