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  1. It’s way funny that Apple machines looked better in 1991 than a PC does in 2007. Let alone laptops…

  2. Hmm, might’ve lost my first attempt to reply. If we’re being pedantically specific about the ’80s, Apple was pretty beige throughout that era, so don’t overlook all the other novel case designs:


    (…and that’s only one year out of ten, doubtless incomplete.)

    Aside from the usual suspects, I have one of those Sharp PC-7000s kicking around here and it’s aged quite well — perfect size for a workbench, very readable display, and if I ever need a slow but elegant terminal I’ll have to pull it out of the closet.

  3. Oh, wow, a PC-7000 was what I used to use to connect to various MUDs and BBS systems in the 80’s, at a roaring 1200 baud. I didn’t remember what the model was, but seeing the picture reminds me. Ah, nostalgia.

    The Sharp WD 2000 also in that list is completely a Fat Mac clone.

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