DragonFly 1.8.1 released

The title says it all – visit the download page for 1.8 to get it.  Most every mirror appears to have it right now – not just the ones on the 1.8 page.

Note that some sites have an early version of the 1.8.1 release that lacks the installer; that image is ‘dfly-1.8.1.iso.gz’.  Instead, be sure to download ‘dfly-1.8.1_REL.iso.gz’, which should be the newer file of the two.

2 Replies to “DragonFly 1.8.1 released”

  1. M.K. says:

    Hi, just letting you all know that I have installed dfly-1.8.1_REL on my HP Compaq nx6310 laptop & it Rocks!!!

    Matt, thanks for adding the installer & re-releasing.

  2. superb says:

    i got HP Compaq nx6310 too ;)

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