Andreas Hauser has a new package of available, at version 6.8.2. The one remaining issue is mouse acceleration - he's looking to see if other people see the same problem when the acceleration threshold is hit.
A positive mention of DragonFly on a FreeBSD mailing list can often get you a negative response. Now, it looks like the same attitude is there for NetBSD. (Thanks Slashdot/BSD) Instead of attacking the reasoning and intentions of people who raise problems, it may be better to fix the underlying mechanical issues. If that doesn't work, there's always fixing it yourself.
I missed this, originally: the BSDCan 2005 website has an extensive list of presentations now posted. Registration is opening up early next month. has a new interview up of several NetBSD developers, with what they plan to work on now that NetBSD 2.0 is released. I've been meaning to put NetBSD on an IBM z50 as soon as I can find a working model.
While replying to an otherwise irrelevant thread, Matthew Dillon described some of the hardware/software work he's done on the side.
Posts were made about various utilities for system startup; plenty of links to look at.
This small post about hyperthreading led off to a much larger and informative discussion about Intel vs. AMD CPU architectures and hyperthreading vs. multicore CPUs. (Summation so far: AMD and multicore are the better of the set.)
In a discussion about backporting to FreeBSD, Matthew Dillon weighed in, describing the troubles he's seen with porting DragonFly improvements to FreeBSD.
Is a boot from a 64M USB key possible? Maybe.