4 Replies to “covid(1) in DragonFly”

  1. Glad to see this. More people should take the vaccine. Also, I don’t care if you believe masks don’t work, put one on! I think masks have zero effect on the spread (Yes, seriously), yet I still double mask it, even with asthma, even if it is hard to breathe because of the fires. It’s not a matter of whether or not they work, it’s a matter of respect and display of care to other’s health. Doing something that results is nothing is better than doing nothing that results in harm. Not wearing one is a display of selfishness.

    Also, no, there is not a single excuse that would be good enough to push your from your civic duty to at least PRETEND that you care.

    – A very annoyed person

  2. Wouldn’t it make sense the NBSD (and subsequently DBSD) devs focus on refactoring and improving their code and documentation instead of a utility giving information on covid?

    There’s too many goto statements, redundant code, and bad programming practices lingering around. At least it’s not like the FBSD codebase but to me, there’s more important things to add and improve. There’s more than enough info on covid out there in real life and the net.

  3. Glad to see “covid” utility. I’ll start development of my “trump” utility that will provide a MOTD from our nation commander in chief.

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