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  1. I finally decided to try building some kind of a NAS, absolutely want to try HAMMER(2).

    I saw quite good docs re HAMMER but nothing much for H2. Is there something available or should I just go ahead and try with the man page? Is there a reason for or against H1 at this point in time?

    Don’t worry, im all prepared for some experimenting and some moreor less steep learning curve, before I’ll actually trust my data to it.

  2. @justin

    >>”I plan to roll a 5.4.2 release this weekend.”

    As a noob, what’s entailed in “rolling” a release?

    Do you have to compile ever package on your machine and turn it into some type of master executable for the entire OS?

  3. Thanks Justin! Still in the process of deciding about the HW so playing with J2 still to come ;-) after a long time I again lost myself recently in playing with PCs till 2am not nice going to work next day :-P

  4. I have Any OpenBSD WorkStations.
    And I tried FreeBSD with ZFS ISCSI Target.
    But, FreeBSD and ZFS is not so fun. so suck!
    Will Dragonfly BSD and HAMMER2 give a fun?

    OpenBSD will need a modern filesystem.

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