Cleanly adding sysctl entries on DragonFly

If you’d like to set a particular sysctl(8), you enter it into /etc/sysctl.conf. A common mistake is to copy the command line and put “sysctl foo=bar” in sysctl.conf instead of “foo=bar”. This used to cause a warning, but it still bit people, as it would cause a long stream of error messages during boot – with no clear reason, as the kernel tried to understand the command. Now, that typo is handled automatically.

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  1. why do you keep linking the manpages in that manner? It adds a section sigh[0] just after the manentry/command [0]=[section sign (U+00A7)] right into the url. I believe it is automated, you just write it and wordpress forms the hyperlink, but even then, at least go poorly for ‘sysctl’-link and ‘(8)’-unlinked and a manpage with section=any will be resolved. I’d use if I’d be you though, and I’d just write sysctl(8) as sysctl.8

  2. The new editor in WordPress apparently does HTML entity translation on links, so it will see an ampersand linking together query string elements and attempt to treat it as an HTML entity code.

    That’s a surprisingly bad mistake; the 5.0 upgrade for WordPress has been a step backward from an interface point of view for me, as there’s been a bunch of other issues with input I’ve had to manually fix over and over, since upgrading. Hopefully this will be updated soon; I don’t think I can complain it into working.

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