Power notes, booting notes

Two links I yoinked from conversation in EFNet #dragonflybsd: there’s a “powersave” power management page on dragonflybsd.org that for some reason wasn’t linked in the main documentation page. I fixed that, and you may want to look at it and change your mwait settings, or look at the corepower(4) module. (From ivadasz’s comments; thanks!)

There’s also an older page on DragonFly and grub2 that may be interesting to anyone looking to boot. (From aly’s comments; thanks!)

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  1. Let me share more details about booting DragonFly BSD with GRUB2 on my ThinkPad X200.

    The X200 doesn’t have UEFI, so only legacy BIOS. However, I’m using GPT for the disk (with Linux on it first). DragonFly BSD’s boot loader doesn’t support such a setup, i.e., directly chainloading from GRUB2 won’t work.

    The whole setup consists of two parts:

    (1) GRUB2
    insmod part_dfly
    set root='(hd0,gpt8,dfly1)’
    kfreebsd /kernel/kernel
    kfreebsd_loadenv /loader.conf

    (2) DragonFly BSD’s /boot/loader.conf
    # Extra settings for GRUB2

    The extra ‘module_path’ setting is useful (though not necessary to boot), otherwise, ‘kldload ‘ will fail to load the module because it doesn’t know the module search paths.

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