5 Replies to “dragonflybsd.org upgrades”

  1. Who’s paying for the hardware upgrades?

    Is it coming out of Matt’s pocket or from donations?

  2. I think Matt spends it out of his own pocket… but don’t take my word as financial statement.

  3. Would be great if we could figure out which corporations are using dragonfly and us as a community request those corporation to make a donation.

  4. Cashflow isn’t a big issue. It’s manpower, as it is for any open source project. There are few people out there with time and knowledge and willingness to contribute to BSDs.

  5. I wonder if one of the BSD projects could come up with a Firefox open source revenue like model.

    Where some corporation pays 100s millions to be the default home page (google) and in return, Firefox uses that money to hire / pay open source developers to work on the product.

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