5 Replies to “DragonFly 5.2 released”

  1. Congrats guys! Always impressive to see a small team push regular releases. OpenBSD did beat you by a week with their Meltdown-safe release, but they “cheated” by releasing ahead of their announced date ;)

    It took me a few minutes to install on a VPS. I’m now going to play with HAMMER2 a bit…

  2. From the release announcement:

    >>”We can now recommend H2 as the default root filesystem in non-clustered mode.”

    That’s BIG news.

  3. Yes, it’s impressive what a small group of motivated people with a *clear focus* can do!

    Just one (maybe dumb) question: those of us who upgraded to 5.2 , in order to address the Meltdown/Spectre issue should also update the CPU microcode, right?

    What is the standard way to do this? I thought about:
    1) Installing sysutils/devcpu-data
    2) Trying if it works with: service microcode_update onestart
    3) If anything is ok, add /etc/rc.conf:

    Is it right? Thanks!

  4. Thank you! I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

    But if it’s “new and strange” to you, I’ll probably brick my CPU :)

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