Lazy Reading for 2018/03/18

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  In the U.S., we drink green beer and wear kilts, cause nobody’s terribly sure what Irish means within an American context anymore.

Your unrelated mollusk-related death metal of the week: Slugdge.

One Reply to “Lazy Reading for 2018/03/18”

  1. Yay, someone remembers the Jupiter Ace!

    On a different note, maybe the reason Linux distros have trouble packaging anything made with Node is that npm is absolutely terrible. Twice already hundreds of packages in there were totaled by one dev removing one lib made of one little function it would have been easier to inline, or heck, reimplement. And that’s just the high-profile cases everyone’s heard about. So maybe, just maybe, we don’t want to blame everyone else for refusing to deal with that insanity.

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