6 Replies to “DragonFly, VirtualBox, and EFI”

  1. Justin

    Did you write the post above or someone else?

    I’m confused because the post is written by someone named Aaron but they are using your domain name

  2. Hi @G,

    I’m Aaron LI, the author posted that DFly+VirtualBox+EFI report to users@. The domain “aaronly.me” was registered by my own several years ago (you can lookup the WHOIS info). So I don’t understand how you got that conclusion?


  3. OK, I think you wrongly regard that the “root at http://www.shiningsilence.com” given by “uname -a” as my own machine… But it actually indicates that Justin is responsible for the DFly binary release and snapshot builds :-)


  4. Yeah, what Aaron said. Since I build the releases on shiningsilence.com, it ends up in the full uname, and he pasted the uname into his message.

  5. Aaron, thanks for posting the results. One usually hears problems, not the successes.

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