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  1. What do you think of the message

    malloc_uninit: 120 bytes of ‘HAMMER2-chains’ still allocated on cpu 110
    kthread 0xfffffae0e28dd300 syncer3 has exited
    vflush: Warning, cannot destroy busy device vnode
    unmount of filesystem mounted from devfs failed (BUSY)

    associated with the system shutdown at the end?

  2. Eric – I think it’s a timing issue. That’s an automatic note that happens when one process is trying to unmount a device while another device is still using it. There’s no harm – it just keeps retrying until the device isn’t being used any more.

    I’m not the authoritative answer, though – a good question for IRC.

    T – a virtual computer pulling from a huge inventory.

  3. Justin

    When you say:

    T – a virtual computer pulling from a huge inventory.

    What do you mean by “huge inventory”?

    I didn’t even know there were x86 systems that had 11+ sockets.

    Is this some type of multi-node cluster that is appearing as a single server?

  4. Wow. Would love to read an article on running Dfly on this beast.

    @zrj, in case you read this comment. Please blog about this beast. Would be fascinating read.

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