Lazy Reading for 2018/02/18

The links this week aren’t necessarily long, but they are definitely “make-you-think” material.

5 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2018/02/18”

  1. > I don’t like this trend of running Windows and pretending it’s not.

    Well, there are people (me included) which grew up on Unix, but forced to work on Windows machines (licensed compilers, debuggers and linters).
    I cannot install WSL on my work machine, but, at least I can have nvim on Windows machine :)

  2. I know the reasons why – I’ve done the same, because I want the toolset. Every time someone uses a Windows machine is one less bit of demand for an operating system where you can affect how it is made.

  3. Does anyone know where I can easily find how many LOC each of the various BSD have?

    I tried to find the info on google and am struggling.

    Closets I found was Dragonfly is 2.8M loc. But I can’t find how many loc the other major bsd are

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