6 Replies to “HELBUG launch tomorrow”

  1. I get 2.3 seconds when I test. That’s acceptable.

    I have no interest in CloudFlare or talking about this further; I’m repeating myself.

  2. If you want to eat up some time but not do CloudFlare or all that, look into HHVM, the Hip Hop VM. It’s something Facebook wrote for compiling down PHP, like what WordPress is written in, and IF you can get it to run on Dfly, it should make this site use less memory and run substantially faster. Not that I’m saying that it’s slow, but HHVM would assuredly make any PHP faster. If I recall, the one setback is needing leatherman to work right on Dfly for HHVM. If you can do that though, I’m pretty sure any PHP users running Dfly would be very grateful.

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