In Other BSDs for 2018/01/06

Note the non-profit link; that may be useful to you.

4 Replies to “In Other BSDs for 2018/01/06”

  1. Amazon Matt fixed the bug in 2 days.

    Was his ability to look at the source code fixes from Linux of benefit?

  2. On IRC, he mentioned reading some messages on the LKML, but that was for people’s comments, not code. So, couldn’t tell you if he even looked at any.

  3. It might have helped, but considering that Matt Dillon has been hacking on virtual memory systems for about twenty years, designing the one in FreeBSD 4, then helping Linux developers with their own virtual memory design, then going further in DFly, I doubt he would have needed a lot of hand holding…

  4. That and DragonFly is far more nimble than other larger open source projects.

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