DragonFly donations

DragonFly has a donation page and a Paypal account.  There’s no 501c3 benefit for U.S. residents to donate; DragonFly doesn’t exist as a non-profit.  People have still been donating in smaller sums over time.  It’s not enough to offset the colocation fees ($4k/year) plus the hardware there, but the money does get used for specific tasks.  Matthew Dillon wrote a description of his upcoming plans: more storage, plus some interesting details on how much wear the existing SSD disks have sustained.

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  1. What kind of job does Matt have that allows him to pay for all of these costs himself?

  2. @Justin and Matt,

    Don’t want to make this a Crypto Ad/Discussion, It just that I want to support Dragonfly, and I do also support BOINC,(you know seti, end world hunger, beat cancer, those kind of stuff).
    Thus, I do mine GRC and give/donate the Crypto I earned back to BOINC and if possible also to Dragonfly.

  3. Hmm, seems like it might be time to get rid of those Intel CPUs as well. Epyc is looking pretty good.

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