4 Replies to “Who has a floppy drive?”

  1. I have hundreds of floppies, including amiga formatted ;)
    You guys don’t pile up your old things?

    But I’m not sure I have a floppy drive on a 64-bit x86 system; those days was 32-bit, or 16-bit systems (or 8-bit, but this wasn’t x86, but Z80 or 6502 systems)
    Ohh, my first 64-bit x86 system (athlon 64) does have a floppy, no need to fiddle HW. I will try it with current dragonfly in the Christmas days, if not before.

    Nice that floppy support is resurrected.. Thanks zrj, nice with some nostalgia ;)

  2. >> I have hundreds of floppies, including amiga formatted ;)

    But how many of those are still readable vs. turning back into rust and delaminating?

  3. Hey, very interesting question!
    We will see, I will report back after my tests.
    Other are welcome to do same.

    Some people has some experience, it indicates that rust isn’t a problem after 15 years, see below.
    But I’m closer to 30 years I think, we will see.

    – How long will floppy disks maintain data integrity?

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