Booting, UEFI, and text consoles

I installed a DragonFly snapshot on a Lenovo x220 last night.  I went for a EFI install, even though the x220 has a “Legacy” option.  When I booted, it looked like this:

It successfully booted, but once it hit the kernel load, it started printing to the top of the screen in that lovely repeating pattern you see.

Matthew Dillon helpfully pointed out that the DRM and i915 modules needed to be loaded.  Hitting ‘9’ during the bootloader countdown got me to a prompt where I could type:





Which brought me back to the boot menu, but this time it loaded those additional modules to support the Intel video chipset – and it worked!

These lines can go in /boot/loader.conf for permanent use.

Update: accelerated X will need a different setup – see my later post.

6 Replies to “Booting, UEFI, and text consoles”

  1. Thanks Justin for the FYI.

    (Would love to read a post by you reviewing Hammer2)

  2. I do plan to mess with it and write up what it’s like – that’s the reason I have this install story, cause I’m putting on a separate machine.

  3. I’m so excited to read a review of hammer2. And I don’t mean that Phonix review. But a proper review.

  4. Just FYI, my X230 EFI boots just fine without that display corruption on FreeBSD. Not exactly the same model, but only one generation off.

  5. Conrad – is your video accelerated on FreeBSD? My perception was the the DRM driver on FreeBSD was still experimental, so you may be effectively in vesa.

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