New system: Ravenports

John Marino has assembled a new packaging and building system.  It’s called Ravenports, and he wrote a short intro, and has a filled-out site to go look at.

This is big news, in part because he knows what he’s doing (John worked on dports and created synth) and because it’s cross-platform.  The prior work on synth is part of the reason DragonFly works so well under pressure – the “build everything as fast as possible as complete as possible” strategy makes a great stress test.

There’s no need to change software management strategies yet.  It can be used at the same time as dports, so it doesn’t necessarily change anything for the next DragonFly release.

5 Replies to “New system: Ravenports”

  1. Using a mobile phone to view the Ravenports website, the amount of animation on the website is out of control.

    Don’t get me wrong, really appreciate what John is doing. Especially given that his FreeBSD commit access was revoke.

    Ravenports Is a cross platform ports system. And him working on cross platform support is why I thought his FreeBSD Commit access was revoke.

    So I’m curious to see FreeBSD adoption.

  2. What’s the end game here for Ravenport?

    For all BSDs to use it as the common port system?

  3. The web site says, that GCC 7 with C++, Fortran and Ada frontends is required for Ravenports. Why so many frontends?

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