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  1. Genuine question since I’m at university learning about operating systems.

    What’s does it take to get wider adoption of an OS (like DragonflyBSD)?

    I understand why people run macOS. People like Apple hardware, and for some application people historically have preferred to run them on a mac (e.g. Desktop publishing, video editing)

    I understand why people run Windows since windows was the standard desktop OS corporations ran their desktop applications on.

    In the BSD world, it’s predominantly focused on server use cases.

    How should Dragonfly go about either (a) taking share for the other BSD options available or (b) taking share for users currently running Linux and get them to convert to Dragonfly.

    What needs to happen for that to occur?

    Specifically new functionality be introduced? Etc

  2. A Project Like trueOS with dragonfly BSD as base would be really interesting.

  3. Paulo

    From a users perspective, what would cause someone to use TrueOS/FreeBSD over TrueOS/DragonflyBSD?

    Or would they try TrueOS/DragonflyBSD simply because there is exist DragonflyBSD users who have pent up demand to use it as a desktop?

  4. TrueOS (DragonflyBSD base) might actually be better than TrueOS(FreeBSD) given all the graphics work Tigeot has done.

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