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  1. Erlang must be great to run on DFly given how well it runs parallel software.

  2. @Anonymous

    You’re volunteering? Great! Can’t wait to see them.

  3. i don’t have the technical expertise to do so.

    But I’m happy to donate money for someone to perform just a benchmark.

  4. Anonymous – I think FreeBSD has 5-digit process IDs, so no, it would not work. There’s probably a lot more to it than just ID length, though.

  5. Diving through FreeBSD’s code, MAXPROC is set to (20 + 16 * maxusers), and the Handbook says “maxusers is automatically sized at boot based on the amount of memory available in the system,” with “values of 64, 128, and 256” not being uncommon. So for a system with 256 maxusers, that’d be a maxproc of 4116 if I’m understanding the documentation and doing the math right.

    The sysctl(3) manpage also provides a small code example to find the maximum number of process allowed on that particular system, as well.

  6. DragonFly on a Threadripper or EPYC build is going to be a sight to see!

  7. Anonymous,

    Is this an official request from a Dragonfly developer for hardware? Are they seeking donations for TR/Epyc hardware?

  8. I’m the Anonymous who wrote the donation post (but a different anonymous from the previous commenters).

    No, not an official request.

    Just a bystander pointing out where someone can donate to dragonfly if they have the financial means to do so.

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