Lazy Reading for 2017/06/11

All over the map today.

Unrelated link of the week: I Love Butter Tarts.  If you’ve never encountered a butter tart, you should.  Found via the Midland Butter Tart Festival, which I am disappointed to have missed.

8 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2017/06/11”

  1. It sounds like Jordan had an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up – and it was a good time to switch with the new FreeNAS product hitting release. So, yeah, normal career move.

    Something that would be interesting is if the new product he’s working on, which he hinted was some sort of medical device, I think, ends up BSD-based.

  2. Don’t medical devices need a realtime OS? Think pace marker like devices that need to guarantee no premeptive operations that could potentially cause the device to no send heart pulses.

    Is there any bsd realtime OS?

  3. No idea if he’s working with a medical device that requires that sort of operation, if that sort of operation is required, or even if he is for sure working with medical devices that could run a BSD.

  4. Given how bad the only Freenas release under Jordan Hubbard was – gives indication as to why macOS is also in equally bad shape … just magnified by 10+ years when he lead macOS.

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