Lazy Reading for 2017/05/14

Reader suggestions always make me happy.

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  1. These are some interesting links. I was not aware that Ryzen CPUs supported ECC RAM. They are certainly competitive performance-wise with Xeon E3s and even some E5s. However the memory bandwidth on the E5s is going to trounce that of Ryzen, especially in dual CPU configurations which you cannot get with Ryzen.

    As far as stockpiling AMD hardware… well, given the Intel Management Engine fiasco, I wouldn’t be surprised if people were actually doing this. Shame on you Intel. Anyone trusting critical infrastructure to those CPUs is going to be in for a very rude awakening when these exploits start falling into the wrong hands.

  2. Too bad the Lazy Reading list doesn’t included updates perf benchmarks of dfly vs Linux.

  3. Shawn

    Some of those bugs are very likely no longer issues. The buglist report just hasn’t been updated to reflect this.

  4. Why are there so many people named SHAWN that complain about UNRELATED ISSUES on BLOG POST COMMENTS instead of doing ANYTHING about them?

    Seriously, is this trolling? Am I being trolled? Is there someone who thinks a bunch of links to stuff including fake D&D spell names and radio frequency allocations is the right place to go when you want cross-platform database timings?

    Is there people that think I am asking a real question here or using a rhetorical device? It’s the Internet, so there will be people who think that. Yes, it’s rhetorical and no, I do not need an answer to these questions.

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