Lazy Reading for 2017/05/07

Accidental topic this week: text interfaces!

Your unrelated video of the week: DOUBLE KING.  (via multiple places)

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  1. mate check your sources and avoid blindly copy/paste:
    the ZX next DOES NOT contain a real z80
    its a XILINX FPGA chip.

  2. The paragraph above the list.

    “The Spectrum Next is fully implemented with FPGA technology, ensuring it can be upgraded and enhanced while remaining truly compatible with the original hardware by using special memory chips and clever design.”

  3. Actually the cpu is the t80 from opencores. It supports all z80 interrupt modes knows about all undocumented z80 instructions and flags.

    About the ikiwiki, I’d like to see the technologies[0] pages back! I’d make a link to it right with the features and performance indexpage links. But the index is of course locked.


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