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  1. I must have deju Vu because I could have sworn I already read Dillon summary on this before.

  2. Sepherosa

    Question, not specific to NVME, but in general – what areas of Dragonfly needs more developers working on?

    Is there a portion of Dragonfly that could really use some love?

    E.g. Security, jails, file system, etc?

  3. @Sepherosa

    Jail? Out of all of the subsystems you think jails need the most work


  4. I just tested the WD Black. I give it a C-. I was actually fine with it until I read the durability was only 80TB (most 256G M.2 SSDs have a durability in excess of 200TB with some clocking in at over 400TB). This is because WD is using Sandisk tech, which is all 2D TLC.

    I’ve got the new Plextor and a MyDigitalSSD coming. Those babies aren’t tied to a specific fab but have interesting reviews. The MyDigitalSSD use a Phision controller and the Plextor uses a high-end 8-channel Marvell controller (theoretically with their own firmware and not the Marvell firmware, though its hard to know what that actually means). I think the MyDigitalSSD is using MLC (vendor probably variable) and the Plextor is using TLC (probably Toshiba).

    So far Samsung’s offerings are the best, which makes sense because Samsung has the most advanced 3D NAND process. Toshiba’s NAND is supposedly pretty good but tends to run hot. Micron’s new 3D NAND is not really in volume production yet and I don’t see any devices offering it. Intel’s stuff is 3D but old and slow.


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