Lazy Reading for 2017/02/26

Another diverse link week, hooray!

Your unrelated item of the week: How Wegmans inspired the most rabid fanbase in the grocery world.  I live in the town where Wegmans started.  “Grocery fanbase” is a relative thing, but: yes, they are that good.


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  1. Is the DragonFly(Digest)BSD Forum offline this weekend or I’m the only one lurking Justin’s website pretty much daily?

    Justin, in nov 2015 you were posting about the Mellanox Infiniband Ethernet cards in that they work well under FreeBSD. Any chance with DragonFlyBSD?

    I am always reading the Gentoo forums, that is beside the freebsd forums, and in there people got crazy about the Mellanox InfiniHost 3 Lx Cards. Do you know anyone interested in Infiniband Ethernet/Sata connectivity that uses Dfly? On the Ebay, those things are cheap and it seems it’s the new thing after the Intel Xeon X5650, a six core with ecc support that fits >90% of the socket 1366 mobos out there and the IBM ServeRaid SAS m1015 and derivatives, that could be IT flashed to match the LSIs and use their drivers, from years ago. What other “helpful” forums are you guys reading? And thanks for reading my offtopic.

  2. Dunno about the Mellanox cards – Sepherosa Ziehau was working with a different type of high-speed card and getting good results, and I remember posting about it… but I can’t find it with a bit of searching. Sephe’s been committing for so long that searching on his name brings up too much. :)

  3. No one has been working on the IB stuffs. IB driver porting will not take much time, but polishing it will. And for IB itself, you need the IB framework, which will take quite some time to bring in from FreeBSD.

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