Importing clang to base

Don’t get too excited yet – clang import hasn’t happened.  However, I want to draw attention to Rimvydas Jasinskas’ changes to alternate compiler handling, which would be for importing clang.  His commit message goes into some of the rather thorny problems of transitioning between compilers and releases.

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  1. Looking very forward to eventually being able to use Clang to compile Dragonfly!

  2. Hi Justin

    Really love your site. I visit it multiple times per week.

    Question: have you look into using some plugins to speed up your WordPress site? I only ask because it seems extremely slow.

    Some thing that might help include:

    1. Using a caching plugin

    2. Enabling GZIP (which doesn’t appear to be enabled).

    3. Use

    Just some thoughts from a friend.

  3. The page loads in 1-2 seconds every place I’ve tried it from… which makes me think it’s something outside of the server itself. I don’t have a good answer past that. I am due to change the template it uses, since what it’s based on has not been updated in a long time. That may help.

  4. Welp, it’s the path to the site, not the site. I can work on the layout but it sounds like there’s going to be a ceiling on my efforts based on where you are.

  5. I too always experience > 10 second load times.

    The issue doesn’t appear to be network. But basic front end rendering. E.g. Gzip, compress images, caching, etc.

    All the stuff YSlow & PageSpeed tells you.

    When I run those browser plugins, it’s shows this site failing big time.

    Please no disrespect in my comments. But me too like the person above, love this site. Just wish it was a bit faster. And in about 15 min of effort it could be.

    I’m happy to help if you’d like.

  6. I would take the one link’s recommendations as generic, as I don’t understand how gzip would make a significant different if it’s a rendering issue. gzip would only affect bandwidth usage which is not the issue.

    In any case, I hope to have enough time over the next week to work on a different layout – the Simplish template I am using is no longer updated by its author. Moving to a new layout will change/improve a number of factors.

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