LibreSSL not just available but default

Remember I posted that LibreSSL is in base DragonFly, but not default?  Well, it’s default now.  You can have a system without OpenSSL at all, by rebuilding DragonFly-current and using up-to-date dports.

Update: see John’s comments for clarification: LibreSSL is default; the change is that OpenSSL isn’t even built any more.  The result is still the same good news: you can have an OpenSSL-free DragonFly system now.

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  1. This was misunderstood.
    ALL the base has used LibreSSL for several weeks. This was hardcoded; there was no way to avoid it. The “optional” part was to continue to build OpenSSL, which nothing in base used. OpenSSL continued to build unless make.conf was configured to stop it.

    What has changed is now OpenSSL doesn’t build unless make.conf is configured to build it.

    The writeup should be modified because it’s misleading as written.

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