DragonFly 4.6 release candidate 2 available

DragonFly 4.6 release candidate 2 has been tagged.  You can pull it directly from the master site in img or iso form (check your local mirror instead if possible), or shift to the new tag.

“Where is RC1?” you may ask?  I tagged the first release candidate some days ago, and this bug was immediately found right after.  It was easier to go right to RC2 once a fix was found.

This candidate will probably lead directly to a release version, so if you want to run the release version exactly, wait a few days.

5 Replies to “DragonFly 4.6 release candidate 2 available”

  1. Will the 4.6 live cd have the possibility to recognize NVMe disks?

  2. Unfortunately, for me, using the 4.6 RC2 iso to a fresh install; no NVMe entries in /devs…

  3. used: nvme_load=”YES” in loader.conf and voilà!
    Thank you for your help!

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