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  1. The xz images are greatly appreciated. Not only do they download faster, they also extract faster. I imagine they save you guys a great deal of bandwidth as well.

  2. It is already quite to create your own GUI in the latest releases.

    1) pkg install xorg xfce

    2) In /etc/rc.conf add:

    3) reboot

    4) Login and type “startxfce4”

  3. Anonymous – thank you. As a Linux user, but no experience with BSD, that information is what I needed to try a swap over to Dragonfly.

  4. Hi residntAngel,

    No problem. Much of the stuff related to setting up a desktop environment on FreeBSD also applies to DragonflyBSD with some very minor modifications. A pretty good write up can be found here – https://cooltrainer.org/a-freebsd-desktop-howto/ (< it applies to FreeBSD but again DragonflyBSD can use most of the stuff without problem).

    In my experience Xfce works well. KDE has been working well on the latest releases but there are still some minor hiccups every now and then. The other GUIs I have not yet tried.

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