Who wants a DragonFly shirt?

As mentioned previously, Sepherosa Ziehau is printing up some DragonFly T-shirts for WeChat users.  He’s going to have a few left over, so he is sending them to me to hand to non-China people.  If you want one, leave a note saying so in the comments.  Here’s the front and back.

You need to provide some way for me to contact you – preferably email, and the size you’d want.  (Use the Land’s End Men’s Shirts chart for sizing, because why not.)  I’ll only have a few, so no guarantees.

Update: I have more responses than probable shirts at this point – sorry!  I’ll get in contact with each of you once the shirts come in and arrange delivery.

22 Replies to “Who wants a DragonFly shirt?”

  1. Awesome! size XL, if possible
    gained few pounds during Thanksgiving;-).

  2. Hello, I’m happy that there are some extras, I tried getting a buddy in China to get one for me before but wasn’t able!

    I could go for a medium or large if available. Greatly appreciated!

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