6 Replies to “Lots and lots of games for DragonFly”

  1. Very nice! Endless Sky is in that list. It’s a great game — and one you brought to my attention in a past post. Many thanks for that.

  2. I was originally looking at the github/dports list, but the comments weren’t immediately visible there. I assumed people would be browsing for content, not reading through actual patch contents.

  3. I am not following. There is no user-friendly “content” in Deltaports. Nobody would browse it, and if they did, it doesn’t show much (most are machine committed and the human comments are the basics).

    The only important thing in this context is what ports are “imported” and only dports shows that. Deltaports is strictly an internal mechanism.

  4. The Deltaports link shows the commit comments, the Dports one does not. The goal is to show a list of things being added/updated, which really can be any of the three links.

  5. honestly deltaports comments are very poor. The only exception is when we use github pull requests to merge from user tree because those are generally well commented.

    I do strongly believe that the average user does not care about these. The only care about:
    1) what is imported into dports
    2) what is removed from dports
    3) what is upgraded in dports

    So to illustrate a bunch of new games getting imported, there’s only one link: dports. deltaports only shows if a build succeeded, not if it was imported.

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