10 Replies to “Wayland on DragonFly”

  1. to Bruno: Why? systemd is a Linux crap. BSD-init is the best init-system ever.

  2. Bruno – this is a separate software product from systemd.

    Bync82 – follow the first link for an explanation of what Wayland is/does.

  3. Justin – I know, but GNOME is going to use Wayland even more, KDE too. And they now depend on systemd-logind and timedated to work.

  4. Bruno I suspect that by the time Wayland is stabilized on Dragonfly, there will be adequate shims to replace the systemd components needed by those DEs. OpenBSD was working on those, I am not sure how far they have come. AFAIK, Xfce won’t need them and Lumina (BSD home grown DE) won’t either. So we won’t be starved for choice.

  5. That leaves Xfce which many Dragonfly users are using anyway. Its lightweight, fast and gets the job done.

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