Lazy Reading for 2015/03/22

As you read this, I am probably watching a storage processor reboot.

I’d love to see fewer developers demanding superficial perks, and more of them asking to have more time to contribute to the open source products we use, mentor young developers, and learning more about the space they occupy. All of those result in us growing as developers in more than just our coding skills.

Your unrelated link of the week: National Corndog Day.  Has audio.  (via)

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  1. Hello, I’m a frequent lurker (1st time commenter), but I thought I’d mention something about that Humble Bundle. Almost every GOG game for Windows is running for me on FreeBSD via Wine these days, so I would not be too surprised if you had good luck there. I’m a pretty big fan of GOG’s business model, so I haven’t kept up with these Humble Bundles, but it wouldn’t surprise me. If not, there are quite a few roguelikes on GOG that you could get running via Wine.

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