4 Replies to “ZFS and Hammer conversation”

  1. If HAMMER2 is portable, FreeBSD devs could add it in base, then both communities could help Dillon to finnish this job.

  2. I’ve had a chance to read through the discussion (its actually also a reddit). Its true there isn’t much objectivity, its mainly about people defending ZFS. What I can appreciate however, is that someone has actually decided to get feedback from the community comparing these two file systems. HAMMER from what I have experienced using it, is very much underrated. I am very much looking forward to HAMMER 2.

  3. I understand that HAMMER2 has been designed to be more portable (less tied to dragonfly) than HAMMER1 with the express goal of being portable to other systems. Assuming that’s correct, Hammer2 will not represent the same challenges as Hammer 1.

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