In Other BSDs for 2014/07/12

Finally, a much more eventful week.  I already noted LibreSSL’s release.


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  1. That FreeBSD pf thread is interesting, although the patches mentioned by pfSense guys (Jim and Ermal) haven’t been seen in the wild. I did code audits for older FreeBSD 10 patches based on pfSense 2.2 alpha (patches which have now disappeared since they are not directly BSD licensed anymore — long story) that they had and one reliably crashed the kernel, others were of unclear quality.

  2. Oh, and none of those early patches have made its way into FreeBSD up until now. But I might have missed them. I’d appreciate it if anybody else knows more.

  3. Our Baptiste is now in the FreeBSD Core team, that’s pretty cool.

  4. I guess the update to Lynx in OpenBSD has sparked a surprisingly heated debate on the OpenBSD tech mailing list about whether gopher (and other protocol) support should be stripped out of the version of Lynx that is in the base, or indeed whether Lynx should be removed entirely from base.

  5. And now lynx is gone from OpenBSD base!

    Also, gopher sounds neat in principle. I enjoy finding old books about the internet that spend chapters on Gopher.

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