NYCBUG: Introduction to Timekeeping, 2014/07/02

I am pasting the announcement verbatim because NYCBUG is having some hardware issues with their mailing list archive.  It’s interesting for both subject matter and because you get to see the inside of  RSVP soon so you can get in!

2014-07-02 – Introduction to Timekeeping, Steven Kreuzer (1500 Broadway enter on 43rd Street, 6th Floor)
Notice: RSVP to rsvp at and bring photo ID. RSVPs must be
received by 2 PM, day-of.


Time is a funny thing. You can spend it, save it, waste it and kill it,
but you can’t change it and there is never any more or less of it.
Everyone knows what it is and uses it every day but no one can seem to
define it.

In this talk I will provide a brief introduction to time, timekeeping,
and the uses of time information, especially in scientific and technical